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The Autistic Burnout Symptom Checklist (ABSC)

This checklist is designed for Autistic adults, this includes adults who have self diagnosed or who strongly suspect they may be Autistic. It is not designed to replace medical advice. If you are concerned about your physical or mental health please seek advice from your healthcare provider.

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The Autistic Burnout Recovery Programme

I have created a 16 week online programme to help people who want to get out of and stay out of Autistic Burnout.  The course contains approach I use in my 1:1 sessions when treating people experiencing Autistic Burnout.  It draws on my years of working with Autistic People, my own personal experience and psychological theory and research.  To find out more please click here.


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What is Autistic Burnout?

Do you keep coming across the term ‘Autistic Burnout’? Maybe you’ve been reading social media posts by Autistic people or having conversations about the difficulties

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Suffering from Autistic Burnout?

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