- £600

I have poured my years of experience of working with Autistic Burnout into an online course.  This course consists of 7 modules taken over 16 weeks and reflects what I do with clients in our 1:1 sessions but for a fraction of the price.  For more information please click here.

- £50

This membership subscription service provides late realised, high masking Autistic Adults a low cost way of accessing help with their Autistic Burnout.  Subscribers receive monthly workshops, an online community and weekly written checkins.  for more information please click here. 

Short Courses

My short courses cover individual subjects previously covered in the Autistic Burnout Recovery Membership all of which are part of the Authenticity pathway.  These are perfect if you only want help with a specific topic or want to try out working with me without signing up for a higher priced programme or subscription service. 

Please click here to view all my courses.

Coming Soon - Au;thenticity

- 1500

A 90 day programme for late realised, high masking Autistics who want to live authentic, energised and inspired lives free from Autistic Burnout.

The Authenticity Programme blends bitesized online courses with small group coaching and a supportive online community to help you achieve a sustainable and joyful life.

Please click here to learn more.

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